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PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool for higher education teacher performance

  • Elaborated by the PROFFORMANCE consortium with collaboration of outstanding international experts.
  • Complex, comprehensive, formative tool.
  • Provides feedback for teachers, HE institutions, policy decision makers.
  • Three dimensional tool:
    • Dimension 1: Assessing teachers’ roles, tasks in a wide spectrum.
    • Dimension 2: Assessing competences in priority areas such as:
      • digitalization
      • internationalization
      • inclusion
      • sustainability
    • Dimension 3: The assessment is done by
      • the teacher HIM/HERSELF
      • PEER teachers
      • STUDENTS

It facilitates development of Teaching & Learning strategies, provides data for systems aiming at teacher assessment, development incentives, complements existing quality assurance systems. The usage of the PROFFORMANCE assessment tool can contribute to the quality of teaching on the individual, institutional, national and international levels.

PROFFORMANCE project provides networking possibilities and offers best practices through the PROFFORMANCE Teaching Excellence Database available online.

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Initiatives to support the implementation of
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Full partners:
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